At KMC, Our Students Love Us ! 
Don't Believe Us ? See Below ;) 

" $700k+ Earner and Sold 150+ Homes.. We also brought home 9 awards from the brokerage. And to be getting these, is a little cherry on the top!"
- Joe Seamon  -

Connect with our Agent Success Team!!

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" $700K+ Earner and Sold 50+ Homes..This was a great thing to get after all the hard work. I'm looking forward to getting more on the future! " 
- David Novak -
"$500k+ Earner..This is an amazing reminder of the crazy year last year and all the successes.. " 
- Caroline Abkar Rander -

More results from our other students!!

"Two different sellers recently interviewed 3 or more agents to sell their home and they chose ME!.."

"I joined Krista's program in 12/2021 and 2020-2021 was one of the worst years ever in 35 years of being self employed. Then in 2022 I made it in top 16% with Berkshire Hathaway and this year I'm officially back as a Top producer making it into the Top 10% of Berkshire Hathaway.."

"This coaching program has transformed my business and I had my biggest year ever in 2023 when most agents were down! .."

" I've been in the industry for 17 years and I can say her program has changed my business and my life! .."

" Celebrating that I just got $1.58 million dollars of transactions in escrow yesterday!.."

"So many a-ha's from the watch party I don't know where to begin! Krista, your program is a well oiled machine and I am diving in deep! .."

"Krista! thank you thank you thank you for creating an amazing system, an amazing team and amazing community!! .."

"Thank you Krista! for giving me the confidence and the tools - $910,000 Listing!  

"Thank you Krista! The confidence I have been able to build in myself through your coaching program, and the entire community here at KMC has allowed me to get to this point!." 

" Had a listing appointment yesterday. I won before I arrived. Thank you Krista. My family is forever thankful to all that you've taught us." 

"Third year in a row, this program works and we are the proof, Top 500 out of 5,000 plus realtors ..

" This year to date, I am ranked the #1 eXp Realtor in Portland, Oregon and #3 in ALL of eXp Oregon..

" Just won a listing over multiple Agents $950,000.." How? The seller said " Because you're different! ""

"Thank you so much for helping me increase my sales from 4 million to 10 million!!..

"Thank you thank you thank you!!! We have been able to secure 17 new listings coming up in the next 30 days!!..

"Thank you to Krista and her team I'm becoming a better version of myself..

"I just learned that out of 1,434 homes sold in the Portland Metro, one of MY listings was in the TOP 5 Sold over list!!.. Thank you Krista and team for all that you've done for us." 

"It's HAPPENING, Client Attraction has HIT my business! I'm getting calls, BUSINESS IS COMING TO ME." 

"The program is everything and as amazing as everyone has said already.
 I could go and raving about it! " 

" It's been a little over a month since I joined Krista's coaching program and all I can say is I MADE THE RIGHT DECISION!

" I've been with Krista Mashore Coaching for 2 years now, and I am a lifer! This program has changed my life.

" I didn't feel my business being "down" at all over the last couple years, again, IT GREW... and I owe that to KMC.

" I more than doubled my business this year! Gross jumped from $90k to $220k, Units from 18 to 32, Just started a team." 

" I have been with Krista Mashore for 16 months! My income has already doubled from last year,and we are only half way through the year!! " 

" I am so very excited to say Krista's listing training tremendously helped me gain my very FIRST LISTING BY MYSELF for $1,775,000 here in Destin, Florida. " 

" I've had terrible experiences with Real Estate coaches in the past, Krista completely change the coaching vibe for me." 

" Between today and tomorrow, I'll have written offer contracts totaling over $4 Million in sales! In just 24 hour period, I could possibly have under contract what would equate to almost $80k commissions!!  " 

" I served 33 families in 2021 and I FEEL EXTREMELY GRATEFUL!! " 

" In the last 30 days we done around $8,515,000 worth of business which includes both buyers and sellers. " 

" This program has truly helped me to become a community leader, Knowing my community inside out. It's paying dividends! " 

"Sold 25+ Homes..This is pretty amazing. I don't need awards but boy it feels good. When I had a rough year with personal things and a crazy market. Feeling like I wasn't doing enough even though I was busting my behind. " 
- Niki Carter-
"Im thrilled! My award is here!! What a blessing to Served 50+ families in 2021!..
- Iris Sosa-Heredia -
"Six contracts on listings that I had in that college that I've talk about..Almost 20 Million dollars worth of listing. Super excited! I'm going to use all those negotiating skills I've learned in my classes. So happy!   
- Sherri Echols -
I went from selling $10 Million a year to now doing $5 Million a Month!.
The list of 2 buyers (one that needs 2 homes) and 6 sellers have all come to me TODAY and it's only 3:00 PM my time!!.
The motivation from this group and program has definitely helped!.
Since then I've closed 4 deals totaling over $2 Million, and I have 10 more transactions or listing set to close or go live next two months.
Fast forward to today, when I am receiving these two awards from my biz coach, mentor, and biz partner. Which symbolize so much than selling 25+ homes and 5x'ing my business in 2021.
My business is exploding! Went under contract on $715k home saturday, recently met a seller at an open house I was doing - They were super impressed with my CMA Packet and the Sellers Guide (KMC) - They remarked that it was so professional.

Connect with our Agent Success Team!!

Reserve your biz strategy call with my team and chat about the different opportunities to transform your business and connecting with Krista.

My first year with EXP/KMC I did 3 transactions, just under $1 Million production. I'm wrapping up my second year with 11 transactions, $3.3 Million in production!
Your program has helped me take things to the next level, and because of that people are noticing in a real way!!
I won my first luxury listing AGAINST the #1 luxury agent in my area because I had the confidence from this program..
Officially in the top 1%! Thank you Krista for being my  my mindset rock this past year.
 20% Higher Result Rate In A Shorter Time With Less Money.
I have ZERO DOUBT I won this $500,000 listing from the things taught by KMC! 
A Brand New, Small, Independent Agency Beat Out Two Corporate Big Name Local Brokers!! Just Being In This Program 3 1/2 Months. I Feel Like A Different Agent!


" This program has changed my Life.."
- Kristy Holms - 
" I'm already seeing the pay off with the videos..."
- Caitlin Davis -
" So I have been able to land five of the last six listing appointments
that I went on..."
- Julie Williams - 
" I am now starting my own team "
- Susan Parker- 
" So that four phone calls from the neighborhood went and showed
my buyers these four units, and they put a cash offer on one , 1.4 million, and then the seller of that one by 1.7 million. And she doesn't have an agent, So guess who her agent is?..."
- Shae -
" I teach dance locally.  And one of my kids came in yesterday and  said, " I got home and my dad said, Look! It's your dance teacher on the postcard!..."
- Dominique -
Ysmaine was closing one deal every other month or so... and needed to keep her other full-time job... since partnering with Krista and our coaching she's left her corporate job, closed 9 transactions and has 10 pending sales... in just 5 months.
Lynette's leap of faith had her shaking and nervous at first... but deep down she knew something had to change to get her the results she desired...
G joined because he wanted a way to ensure a consistent, reliable and steady income stream... just hear what we've done together for his biz
Leslie committed to being open-minded and implementing everything that was being taught in the program... and just listen to how her life has changed...
"7 deals in 4 months. One in escrow and 3 listings coming up." - Shemeika F.
 "I'm over the moon right now!!!, It just took 27 seconds text video and I just got 2 leads in one."
  This Two Day Event Is Chock-Full Of Useful Information And I Highly Recommend You Attend The Next Event!."
 "This makes a huge difference in my business, I am extremely glad that i took this time to get krista's training."
 "The final numbers aren’t in yet but I should be VERY close to that $1,000,000 in commission earned this year."
 "I Won A Competitive Listing Today For Just Over $600k."
 "This Month I Am On Track To Closing 6 Transactions For A Total Of About $62,000 GCI."
 "As Of Today I Have Received Over 20 Leads From Buyers And Reached Over 213, 316 People On FB And Had 138,165 Engagements."
 "Just In The Last 8 Months, Ive Closed 13 Deals."

Click to view our schedule, see if my team has an availability that works for you...
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and find out more information on the opportunities available for you!

 "Building Up My Business Is So Much More Rewarding."
 "All Total Is $ 12,268,000 In Volume. This Has Got To Be The Biggest 2 Weeks."
 "My Office Standings Come Out Each Month And Look Who Made The Top 25 In The June!!!"
 "I Just Got My First Phone Call For Someone That Wants Me To List Their Home!"
 "I’m A Brand New Realtor And Did The 30 Day Challenge In February And Won The Lead Gen Course."
 "Closed More In The Past 6 Months Than I Have In My Highest Year In 15+ Years!"
 "I Won My Biggest Listing Just Now!"
Just Some of Our Success Stories

"From Intimidated To Mastering Facebook Ads" - Alisha

"Provide Value, Serve Don’t Sell!" - Ashley

"Learning New Skills To See The Bigger Picture" - Erica

"From Selling 26 to 82 Houses" - Leslie

"I Closed 13 Deals in 8 Months!" - Rose

"I also launched my C.M.A ad and I’ve had a huge response from it." - Lacey

"I had five accepted offers last night so that is huge and it’s all because of you." - Michael

"This Program doesn’t just about running ads. Its just not about getting leads. Its about whole well roundness about the business. We leased 16 properties during the last 2 months." - Cassie Spears

"That was my first acknowledgement that somebody actually seeing my video and not just a my Facebook page. So I was super pumped in last night." - Debbie

"I got the 5 listings yesterday after the call." - Eddie P

"I kicked the 14 buyers and I kicked the 4 buyers additional contracts clients and 4 buyers from Facebook leads. We did just like win." - Cassie Spears

"I got 2 contracts in the listing last week and listing was from videos" - Isabel Guzman

"6 deals, 6 loans to 74 Loans and 30 Million in Fundings in 8 months" - Debbi Galvan

"Nothing compares to what you... There's no reason at all you can't be successful" - Kristina M.

"I can't imagine what I would do without this. Best investment I've made." - Jeannie F.

"I went against 4 other realtors and I got the listing!" 
Brandy S.

"I've been able to build an enormous amount of realtor relationships" - Tracy S.

"This Coaching program is amazing, you'll be so happy you joined." - Julee P.

"I just picked up 2 new builders, she has completely changed my life." - Mary Ellen P.

"The system is designed for someone who wants to make changes and who wants to be different..." - PJ Z.

"I stay on target, and on focus, and keep a positive mindset" - Lisa G.

"It's skyrocketed my business and made me a happier person while doing it" - Alisha C.

"Nothing compares to what this program delivers. Don't hesitate any longer." - Bonnie I.

"People are calling me asking me how I do it." - Tracie S.

"I can't go anywhere without having people mentioning they've seen me online." - Cassie S.

What our past clients are saying about us…

“Not only has Krista's coaching helped immunize my business from the coronavirus, it's actually thriving more than it ever has in my three years in the industry. Jan-April 2018 income this time last year (prior to Krista’s strategies) in a strong economy: $9,554.21. This year Jan-April 2019 income (post Krista) in a worldwide pandemic: $54,939.50, which is a 577% increase YOY.”

- Eric Andersen

“Blown away!! Y'all, I did about $5 Million (2018) in volume last year. This year (2019) I did over $15 Million in volume in my little county of only 44,000 people. In 2017 I only made $12,175.00. I joined Krista’s program In April 2018, I ended the at $135,768.10. I continued to implement her strategies in 2019 and ended my year grossing $353,135.60 which is a 1,115% increase from 2018 to 2019.”  

- Leslie Bennett

“Wow, this Krista Mashore seems to know what she's talking about. In the last 7 days I've had 55,248 people see my ads and only spent $179.67.”

- Jennifer Rolander Prestwich

“2017 I closed 105 transactions. The first 12 months of implementing her out of the box techniques, I did 171 transactions, that is 66 more than the previous year. The numbers just came in for 2019 and we did 293, that is 188 more transactions in 21 months. My first year implementing Krista’s strategies my business increased by 163%, and a 171% increase the second year. But from when I initially started my business has increased by 279%.”

- Alisha Collins

“Before implementing Krista's strategies, I was averaging 40 transactions. Last year because of the innovative strategies that I learned, I closed 70 transactions. My income increased by $203,000. That was a 175% increase in transactions. Also, my average sales price increased from 400K to 700K.”

- Erica Gouldy Wolfe

“Before doing what Krista teaches, it took me a little over a year for my last website to start showing up in searches. But here I am already coming up 5th on Google for two searches within weeks of implementing her tactics. Krista Mashore your program rocks!!! If you're new, just do what Krista teaches and be patient. The results will come!!!”

- Jen Hawkins

“Such an amazing Summit. There was so much fabulous content that I could immediately implement in my business!! Absolutely worth the investment!!”

- Heather Witte

“I am doing the full coaching program and so far it's the best money I've ever spent on coaching. The content, how-to's, written scripts, CRM flows and Facebook community give you more than you could possibly imagine. Considering my last coaching experience was the price of a college education, Krista Mashore is worth at least triple what they charged.”

- Tammy Von Horn

“This has been the most incredible journey for me! This program has changed my life, my career, and I can't begin to tell you all the lifelong friends I've made here.”  

- Sue LeFavi

“Received a call from my dental office and the receptionist said, "I have been seeing your videos on Facebook a lot lately and my daughter is needing your services and is going to hit you up.”

- Dave Novak

“I'm sold on Krista's strategies. I created my first lame video and ran an inexpensive Facebook. Received 20 leads and they keep coming in.”

- Fran Douglas

“I am a true believer in this program and forever grateful for all that I have learned. My business and confidence and content are continually growing, and I feel authentically connected to my mission and business."

- Shemika Fox

“So looking forward to 2020 with all the tools, education and support of the Mashore Tribe. I have been growing and I can't keep up. Got recognized for the Presidents Club Award, $22 Million in Sales Volume and 72 units.”  

- Pat Halloran-Lotz

“On one ad I had 1,805 people watch the entire video and on the other I had 2,194 people watch the entire video and only spent $75.00 on each ad.”  

- Dana Chambers Weyl

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